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How To Attract Your Dream Clients On Instagram

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2019

Yes, your clients are on Instagram! You just got to make a few more tweaks to make sure that you're reaching the right people. If you're getting overwhelmed with how to use Instagram to market your business or you just can't get it to work, by the end of this article, you're going to have four easy steps to turn your Instagram into a client magnet. I teach my clients the same method each and every day, and now it's your turn to learn!


Put Your Instagram for Business Profile to Work

The first step in attracting dream clients on Instagram is to edit your profile. The profile is the first thing someone sees when figuring out whether or not they want to work with you or follow you, and this is your chance to make sure that both of those answers is a, "Hell yes." The very last thing they look at is your newsfeed. I cannot say that enough. I think that we are too concerned with having an appealing aesthetic. People just need to know whether or not they want to follow you. I honestly think we're wasting time doing all that other stuff.

Create A Searchable Instagram Name 

Within your profile, I want you to look at your name section. This section is actually the most searchable thing on Instagram, so let's make sure that people are finding the right you. Change that name section to an industry title that you are comfortable with being known for. This way, if someone is searching for a Virginia Beach photographer or a Virginia Beach hairstylist, you’re most likely to populate as a result.

Add a website link

After you change your name, I want you to look at your website link. I want this link to take someone to a page where they can actually work with you. I don't want this to be your homepage because people don't know what they want to do up on a homepage yet - they just met you. Typically you want this to be a landing page that has buttons where people can just go to whatever thing that you're taking them about.

Linktree is a great tool if you're looking for a simple landing page that allows you to add and remove buttons very quickly. It’s what I used when I first started. 

Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio

After your website, your audience is going to be looking at your Instagram bio. Your Instagram bio should be quick and to the point. Definitely don't get too fancy with your bio! If you help exhausted moms get their babies to sleep so they can live the life that they want, say that. There are people that are going to be able to exactly identify with that and want to work with you. Your bio's also a great way for you to talk about your awards and your accolades. If you were maybe the Top 30 Under 30 in DC, make sure you put that in your bio! That will help separate you from other people in your niche.


Position Yourself as The Expert When Using Instagram for Business

The second step to attracting your dream clients on Instagram is to put out what you want to get back. That sounds a little bit crazy, but let me tell you, it's so true and I found this out very early on in my career. I was putting out fun content that was not necessarily relatable to my industry and every time I sent a DM to someone they would ask me, “What do you do again?”. They couldn't understand what I did by looking at my feed, and that is a problem.

Don't do what I did starting out! I  want you to position yourself as the expert out the gate by giving expert advice in your Instagram stories, your posts, your videos - really anything on Instagram, I want you to really give that advice to them. I want them to immediately know what the heck you do and how you can help them, and this also gives you the opportunity to sprinkle in your personality along with your advice. A lot of people just want to do the fun stuff, but this knowledge is what clients need to actually want to work with you and for them to actually know what you are offering.

How to think of expert content ideas

Now I think everyone has a ton of things to talk about, but if you are drawing a blank whenever it comes to posting on social media, like if you’re reading this and you're like, "I have no idea what expert advice I have to offer," I want you to do this really quick exercise. 

  • Grab a piece of paper, and break it into three sections. In each section, I want you to write one of your specialties. A specialty is something that you have mastered and people are asking you questions about all the time. 

  • In each column, I want you to write down five of those questions people are asking you all the time

  • Then,  I want you to add another five questions outlining what they should be asking.

Guess what? Now you have about 30 things to talk about! That was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Hopefully, that got the creative juices flowing and are sprinkling in your fun pieces along with these valuable nuggets to blow your followers' minds so you can be propelled into the expert zone.

Show Off That Money Maker

The third step to attracting your dream clients is to show your face. That's right- I want you to show off those pearly whites because people don't connect to the pictures you take, they connect with the picture you’re in. People want to see your face! They want to see you smile. They want to see the expressions that you make. They love it whenever you make a confused look and whenever you think that you said something grammatically incorrect. We're not trying to be perfect. We're just trying to connect, and we're trying to provide value. You'll be surprised by the increased number of replies and comments you're going to start getting to your Instagram Stories and the videos that you're going to be in now. So get ready for super speed, lightning-fast engagement.

Consistently Engage With Your Instagram Followers

I want you to engage consistently. No posting and ghosting! I want you to post and hang around with your community a little bit. Try to engage with your community for the first 30 minutes of your post. Go to their Instagram Stories and leave replies. Go to their posts and leave thoughtful comments. This is going to help you tell the algorithm that these people are your people and they want more of you.


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