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How to Create Content When No One Knows You Exist

podcast Jun 12, 2018

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Welcome to the first edition of the BrandNewb podcast! I’m your host, Jamar Diggs, and I’m ready to share stories and advice to help you become more confident in building your brand, not just your business, on social media. I know what you’re thinking: What the heck is a BrandNewb?A BrandNewb is an entrepreneur who is ready to stop robotically selling on social media and to start building a quality and long-lasting brand that creates connections first. A BrandNewb cares about their customer and knows that a better strategy exists, rather than just posting the same content on social media day after day with little results.  Today we’re tackling how to create content when no one knows you exist. Since this is the first episode of the podcast, you could say that I’m right there with you in implementing these practices.

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer

Stay True To Your Ideal Customer. If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your customer's problem?

  2. How does your customer consume information?

  3. What are the brands your customer is following?

  4. What information does your customer search for online?

Avoid Imposter Syndrome

I know it’s tempting to follow in the footsteps of more well-known brands or gurus but it’s important that you stick to your ideal customer and create content that they are searching for. Find what makes you and your brand unique and use it to your advantage!

Stick to The Basics When Developing Your Content.

This is probably the only time I’ll recommend this but sticking to the basics when developing your content will help it rank much higher and much faster than if you were to go out-of-the-box. Use your ideal customer persona to your advantage and deliver the content they need. This will help increase your value perceived by customers and will allow them to think of your brand as their go-to source.  If you’re unsure of what your customers are looking for, ASK THEM! You’d be surprised at how much feedback you’ll receive by simply posting a question on Facebook or Instagram.

Be a Resource to Your Audience With Your Content.

You’re still in the growing stages of building your brand and during this time you need to give your customers a reason to stick around. Providing a variety of free and valuable resources will entice your ideal customer to buy into your brand. Content can be anything from downloads to videos and blogs - just make sure it’s relevant and helpful! You want to your ideal customer to trust your brand and know your brand before asking for a sale. This is a long-lasting relationship, not one single experience.

What To Do After You Create The Content.

Start sharing it with your inner circles. This could be anyone part of your launch team, your customer email list, or really anyone routing for your success. Viral content takes time so don’t stress if you’re not getting as many hits as you originally thought. It’s not about going viral, it’s about reaching those ideal customers and making connections. Stay tuned for more episodes where we dive deeper into building your brand!

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