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How To Find Fresh Content Ideas For Social Media

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2019

Is your creativity running on empty when you're trying to create new content ideas for social media? It’s time to start filling up that creativity tank! Here are four quick ways to keep those ideas flowing! 

 Check out the Competition

This may sound a little bit weird and a little stalkerish, but I'm here for it. What I want you to do is go to one of your most popular competitors or someone that's in the same field as you, maybe you admire them or maybe you just like watching their Instagram posts, and look at their comments. Look at some of the top posts that they are posting. Then look at their comments and you'll start seeing questions that people are having or you'll start by seeing those keywords that people are asking. Take those comments and use them for your own content because they are obviously the questions people are asking, and you can repurpose it and answer those questions to your own audience.

Example time! I love following Cici. She's also known as the Six Figure Chick on Instagram, and I like to think that our audiences are very similar. They aren’t exactly the same, but our audiences' needs are very similar. What I like to do is look at her Instagram posts and take some of the questions people are asking her and add that to my little content bank for extra ideas.

Ask the Audience

The second way that I want you to start generating some new content ideas is to just ask your audience. I want you to do this by using the Instagram questions sticker. The question sticker is exactly what it is. You ask a question and people are able to type in their response. You can ask, "What is your biggest struggle with blank?" and people will respond with their struggles. This is just you communicating with your audience and getting those questions straight from the horse's mouth.

YouTube It

The third way to create new content ideas is using YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine and I want you to take full advantage of it by using the YouTube Suggestions feature. Most people don't think about it, but it's really just typing in a certain keyword and YouTube predicting what it is. For example, if you're on YouTube right now and you are searching for “macro-friendly”, you can type that into YouTube right now and what's going to auto-populate are macro-friendly recipes, macro-friendly dessert, macro-friendly meals, macro-friendly Starbucks drinks. Make sense? It’s going to give you so many ideas that you can choose from to get your creative juices flowing. So please use YouTube for that because these are things that people are actually searching for and that's going to help you so much on getting more engagement on all your content.

Keywords, Keywords, and more Keywords

The fourth and final tool that I recommend using is Keywords Everywhere. Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome browser extension that you can use right now. #notsponsored 

To view a demo, make sure to watch the video linked in this blog! I totally recommend using this tool if you are looking to figure out what you want to post everyday or what YouTube videos you want to shoot. It's super easy to use and they'll give you a ton of ideas. 

If you are ever drawing a blank whenever you are trying to post on Instagram or YouTube videos, or even make lead magnets, this is great for that because you already know what people are searching for. Maybe this will help you create an irresistible lead magnet as well. So next time that you draw a blank, use the Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome extension.

Now you have all four ideas to literally create a whole bank of content ideas. How do you feel? Take a deep breath. I think you deserve a round of applause after you complete all these tools and make that big content bank.


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