How To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

So you made your video, you put it on YouTube...and only your mom is watching. Today we’re talking about how to get your video to rank higher in searches, so when a customer searches for what they need, your video is #1. There are three key aspects you should focus on when trying to maximize the odds of your customer finding your videos: title, tags, and description. Let’s just jump into it!


The first thing that YouTube engines look at when conducting a search is the video title.

You want your title to be a strong reflection of your video content, while keeping it short and to the point. Aint nobody got time to read long titles! In addition to your title, you need to make sure your thumbnail is top-notch. If you have the ability to use a graphic designer to create your thumbnails, definitely do it! While a search engine can’t search the words within a thumbnail, you might still want to consider adding words to the image, as a lot of consumers tend to read that first, rather than the actual video title.

PRO TIP: include your face in your thumbnail! This will make your videos more relatable to viewers and will allow your audience to become familiar with you, as a brand.

Next, Tags in YouTube Videos Help Describe Your Video & Identify its Content.

If you’re unfamiliar with tags or are just getting started with YouTube, here’s a quick explanation: Tags are keywords that describe your video, which search engines will use to help identify relevant content for search results. You select which tags to add to your video, and they are super important when it comes to your content being visible to your intended audience. A best practice is to type out a search phrase that you think your audience would use, rather than just tagging one singular word. Ex: instead of tagging “landscape” you should tag ”photos of landscapes”. This doesn’t mean that you can’t also tag the singular word, but adding those extra phrases will help maximize the odds of your audience finding your video. As you build your viewership, tags will become less important but for now, make sure you add as many as you can while still using relevant keywords.

PRO TIP: take a look at similar Youtube channels and see what tags they added, especially in their earlier videos. You could possibly use that as a model for how you want to tag your own videos. This is exactly what I do! I use a plugin called TubeBuddy to help optimize each video. Check it out here:

Make Great Use of Your YouTube Video Descriptions.

There are so many Youtubers out there using the description bar for different things. Some channels use the same copy for each video, while others don’t put anything! What’s the deal? A best practice is to reiterate the title within the first sentence of the description. This will help search engines to identify the relevant content within your video. Also, less is definitely not more in this case! The description bar is an opportunity for you to put as much content as possible that is relevant to you and your video. You can’t guarantee viewers will take the time to read every word but having the information right in front of your audience will increase the chances of them learning more about you and maybe even visiting your website.

PRO TIP: you can simply copy and paste your video title as the first sentence of the description!

That about wraps it up! The three key factors to focus on when enhancing your videos’ search ranking on YouTube. Don’t forget: maximize your title, tags, and description! You’ll be ranking higher in no time.

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