Four Myths of Creating Video Content

So you have your business idea but you don’t know how to get started. You’ve heard about video but you don’t know what to do with it. If you can relate to those two statements then keep reading! Today we’re discussing the four myths of creating video content and how to break into this growing online community. It’s no surprise that videos are so popular - it’s an easy way to connect and engage with an influencer or brand and consumers are eating it up. Let’s take a closer look at these myths so you can earn your seat at the table.


Top-of-the-line Equipment is Not Essential in Order to Get Started with video

It might be tempting to mimic your favorite Youtube accounts who have all of the latest and greatest equipment. The reality is that most of those accounts probably didn’t start off with an expensive camera. When building your channel it’s important to stick with the basics and remain within budget. Focus on your content and engaging your viewers - at the end of the day that’s what really matters.

You Don’t Need a Studio to Get Started Making Videos.

Just like myth one, most of the popular YouTubers first started with humble beginnings. The fancy setups and studio lighting didn’t happen until a following was built, which was done through their content, not their setup. The same is true for your channel! Everyone needs to start somewhere, and that somewhere might include a living room background and natural lighting from a nearby window. If you have light, a camera, and a lense, you can make a video! Remember: better equipment does not equal better content.

You Don’t Have to Know How to Edit Well.

Are you sensing a pattern yet? It’s true that fancy edits and effects make videos more enticing at first but your audience cares about WHAT you’re saying, rather than the glitz and glam. Adobe may be standard for the video industry but unless you are a corporation or a big business, it’s not completely necessary when you first begin your video journey. Not only are products like Adobe expensive, they require a certain skill set to operate and you might be spending both valuable time and money trying to use this software when there are other affordable (and free) options! My biggest tip is to utilize iMovie if you’re a Mac user. This software really helped me get started with video and it’s free and very user-friendly.

Trolls and Negativity Will Not Flood Your Comment Section

This is where we break though the wall of self-doubt and talk about the reality of your first few videos. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s very likely that your videos will only have a handful of views and they will all be from people you know. Yes, that probably includes your mom. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Your close circle of business and personal connections will be the ones to help nurture and grow your channel by sharing and encouraging your content. Your channel will be small for a while but getting a few videos under your belt will invite a new following who will look to you as resource for information. Not to mention, the more videos you create the more searchable you become.

There you have it! The four myths associated with video and getting started. Don’t be afraid to jump into it and just begin recording. Don’t forget: all you need is light, a camera, and a lense!

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