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Hey, I'm Jamar!

 I help service-based experts (coaches, consultants, strategists, speakers, etc.) RANK on YouTube and Google search so they can stop being a slave to the Instagram content spiral.⁠⁠ I take my experience from corporate marketing and mix it with YouTube Strategy + YouTube SEO best practices to make you discoverable to more problem-aware people.⁠⁠

AKA -They know they need help and are ready to give you money 💰

Resources + Tools

20% OFF Dubsado

Dubsado is free for your first 3 leads. After that, use this link to get 20% OFF your first month or year.

10% OFF

Coaches and Co. is my go-to contract template shop. These templates are easy to understand and even easier to add to your CRM or document signing software


YouTube Analytics Dashboard

Looking to grow your YouTube channel? This automated dashboard has you covered! Demystify important metrics to build awareness, engage your community, and convert your views into leads and sales.

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