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What to Say At The Beginning Of Your First YouTube Video

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Whenever someone is searching on YouTube, looking for an answer to their problems you only have 30 seconds to win them over and watch the rest of your video. 30 seconds is not that much time!

How to Build Authority in YouTube Video?

We are going to be diving into my three-part framework for your YouTube intro, and it's called H.I.T. That stands for hook, introduction, and transformation!

Hook- How to Grab Viewers in the opening lines for YouTube Video

When we're thinking about the hook, this is going to be attention-grabbing. Maybe even hint to something your audience has been typing in this entire time, so whenever they finally click on your video they see they are in the right spot.

Most of my videos start with either an open-ended question or some kind of action. For example, an action would be, “stop, don't do this until” insert whatever. Now, I'm going to also give you an example of how this can work for you. So let's pretend real quick, I am a relationship coach and I am going to be making a video about how to have productive conversations with your partner. Using what we learned inside the hook, we are going to say something like, "Still reeling from your last argument? Don't worry. In this video, I'm going to teach you how to have emotionally safe fights with your partner."

Now that we have the hook section down pat, I want us to go into the introduction part of the framework!

Introduction- How to Introduce Yourself on YouTube

In the intro section, this is going to be short and sweet. We do not need your whole life story! We simply need to validate why you should be talking about this topic because there are tons of people and information on YouTube. As the person is searching for information, they're trying to discern whether or not you are the one they should be listening to.

If I am the relationship coach, this is what I would say as my introduction, "I'm Jamar Diggs and I've helped hundreds of women stand up for themselves in their relationships without feeling guilty about it." That establishes me as the authority in what I do. I'm not going on and on about what my mission is and all this other stuff. I'm simply saying, "I know what I'm talking about. I do this for a living. This is what I do. This is my expertise!” That's what we're trying to do. We're not trying to be like those YouTubers, where they're making a video about personal experiences. We do this thing for a living. We are backed by education and professional experience.


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Transformation- How to Close and Convince Viewers in YouTube Video

Now, we're going to talking about the T portion of the framework, the transformation. In this part of the framework, we are going to be highlighting the end result.

So this is going to be our way of telling the viewer why it is worth watching the entire video. If they're going to be watching the video, they're going to be thinking: "Is this really what I'm looking for?" The transformation part of this H.I.T framework is going to help you explain to the viewer this video is worth the watch because you're going to be able to have, insert blank, transformation.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have your intro, download my YouTube starter guide, which gives you everything you need to go ahead and start building your channel out, honey! In the actual YouTube starter guide video, I'm walking you through all the backend stuff to make sure that everything is looking good from the get-go. Let's make sure that we're starting the channel on the right foot!


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