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YouTube Marketing Strategy Partnership

A Strategic Advisory Retainer for Consultants and SaaS Brands

It’s time for a marketing strategy that increases your visibility and impact every day WITHOUT YOU.

Yes, without you using energy to post on social media everyday when you’d rather do the work you love. Let’s work together to create an evergreen marketing engine that primes your customer to buy from you, stay with you, or take the upgrade. This is full customer lifecycle marketing that will last you for YEARS.

Offer Details

Do you want to be an influencer or CEO?

Enough quick hit marketing tactics that only serve you NOW. If you want to lead a sustainable company that is going to support you and your team for the long haul, we have to shift from only focusing on short-term marketing tactics. Let’s look towards the future so you can implement an actual strategy that will help you be around for the long term.


Our YouTube Marketing Strategy Partnership will allow you to have an ongoing, customer centered strategy that amplifies your visibility while directly contributing to the holistic growth of your business.


Over our six months together, we’ll use our proprietary marketing framework to help you attract dream clients/customers, retain the ones you have, while reducing your acquisition costs.


We want your audience and your customers to have full confidence in your product or service and see your business as the real authority in the market. Here’s how we make that happen during our time together.

Your marketing strategy is your customer success strategy.

They will always be interconnected with each other because we know customer success is the best marketing strategy for long-term business growth

Your YouTube marketing strategy makes the magic happen:


Established Expertise

We get to know your customers and the product or service you provide. We’ll identify what makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace — which means learning about the unique differentiators of your product or service, your core values, what drives you, your team, and your mission. 


Customer Centered Content:

Our signature methodology requires a handful of core pieces of content on your channel. We don’t just want to sign customers, book demos, or start free trials — we want to create brand connection and hardcore loyalty between your customers and your brand. This attracts customers who love what you do, keep coming back, and recommend you to their friends because you have a marketing engine that is working for you every day to help your new and current customers succeed. 


Your content will shift perspectives and answer questions — reducing uncertainty so your clients and customers aren’t feeling stressed out and believe in your product or service right away. We’re removing friction from the buying process!


Then, we’re going to show them the receipts. Case studies or client interviews allow the viewer to easily see themselves in the story and see how your product or service can solve their problem.


Instead of waiting for people to ask us questions and share their worries on sales calls, live demos, or in the customer support queue, we’re going to combat those objections right away on your channel so people can take action today and get what they need. They don’t have to open a ticket or email your support team and wait for an answer —  those objections are already answered upfront. 

Solid Systems

We ensure your customer-centered content is backed up by a solid sales and marketing system because we know that even if you have an amazing YouTube channel generating high-quality leads, if you don’t have great systems in place it's going to be so much harder to nurture those viewers who find your channel into repeat, loyal customers. If you don’t have those crucial pieces, we’ll build that into your strategy for you to develop before you launch your channel.

How it Works

Discovery Call: After you apply to express your interest in the partnership, we’ll schedule a discovery call with Jamar to make sure we’re a good fit for each other and YouTube can help you achieve your goals.


Next Steps: If everything sounds good to both parties and you’re ready to move forward, we will send you a contract and invoice to review and complete.


Strategy Questionnaire: We’ll send you a questionnaire to complete so we can learn about your goals, expertise, product/service, target audience, and your current marketing and sales systems. This gives us a preview of your business and shapes the conversation of your kickoff call.


Kickoff Call: This is a kickoff call with the CEO/president/owner, head of marketing, and key people on your team who deeply understand your customer. During this call, we learn everything we can about your company's expertise, target audience, and industry, and analyze your current marketing system.


Video Editor Match: We’ll help match you with a video editor who has the expertise and processes that meet the JDM standard.


Topic Strategy with SEO Guidance: After the kickoff call, we’ll begin working through your overall topic strategy with optimizations you’ll be able to copy and paste into YouTube when it's time to upload your video. You won’t have to worry about keyword research, tags, or writing a keyword-rich video description for search engines.


Monthly Strategy Calls with Jamar: We’ll review your current channel and marketing analytics and provide feedback based on data to offer suggestions of how to move forward each month


Deploy Dynamic Marketing Performance Analytics: We'll track your marketing performance analytics in an easy-to-understand dashboard that is updated every month.


Scripting Review Calls: These are optional monthly sessions where Jamar will meet with you and provide feedback on your script and offer support to ensure you have everything you need to be prepared for your filming day.

Slack Access to the Entire J Diggs Media Team: This is unlimited asynchronous private access to the JDM team. You can ask your questions via private text, audio, or video messages in the Slack channel. We’ll get back to you within 2 business days, but usually faster during business hours. Typical topics of discussion include: topic ideas, lead magnet ideas, YouTube features, ad hoc reviews, filming questions, etc., but don’t limit yourself! Our team has deep knowledge of all things marketing, so use our expertise!


This is our proprietary system for turning marketing strategy into customer success. This all reduces the risk of bleeding customers, expensive acquisitions, and having poor-fit clients — leaving you with more money in your pocket

This strategic partnership is a 6-month engagement for a flat rate of $9,000. Payment plans are available.

This Partnership IS A FIT for you if:

  • You have an established expertise and are confident in getting your clients/customers results

  • Have a marketing and lead generation system already in place that is bringing in leads and clients

  • Have appropriate team members to support your vision

  • Want to optimize your marketing system — things may seem manual

  • Want to have more productive sales conversations with leads

  • Value data-informed decision marketing

  • Have the capacity to prioritize our work together

This Partnership IS NOT A FIT for you if:

  • Are unable to dedicate time and resources to bring the strategy to life

  • Unsure of who your audience is or have offers that are not validated

  • Have not made any sales in your business using your expertise

  • You are in a phase in business where you need to make sales first, and strategy later.

  • You are unable to communicate needs and tend to struggle in silence


I’m Jamar!


I help Digital CEOs, Brands, and Agencies RANK on YouTube and Google search so they can stop being a slave to the Instagram content spiral.⁠⁠

I take my experience from corporate marketing and mix it with YouTube Strategy + YouTube SEO best practices to make you discoverable to more problem-aware people.⁠⁠

AKA -They know they need help and are ready to give you money 💰


Award-Winning Marketing Expert. Featured marketing expert in Podia, Dubsado, HoneyBook, and Rising Tide Society

900+ Subscribers | 36K Views | 70+ Video Lessons

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