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Your Social Media Strategy to attract dream clients


Jamar-Diggs-Social Media Consultant-Business Strategist- Business Coach


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Getting clients online doesn’t have to be so complicated. So many Coaches + Consultants aren’t taking the steps needed to have continuous clients coming from social media. Take this crash course to learn my 4-step system so you can stop hunting for new clients and let them come to you.


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Hey, I’m Jamar!

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I help Online Coaches + Consultants build an unapologetically authentic personal brand to attract dream clients. You already have people who like, scratch that, LOVE when you show up being completely yourself. Editing who you are online isn't going to help you get more clients. It's just going to make your job a lot less fun. With my help you'll learn how to build your influence and create scalable ways to monetize it.



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Online Courses

New trainings and resources on business + social media for the DIY entrepreneur.




A private intensive for coaches + consultants who want results quickly.



Private coaching for coaches and consultants who want a custom plan and continuous support and feedback.


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I’m making videos that answer questions coaching clients have all the time. Hang out with me every Monday for lightbulb moments and lots of laughs!