Meet Jamar

YouTube Conversion Coach | YouTube SEO + Marketing Strategist

Hey, I'm Jamar Diggs. I used to think I needed to impress my followers, but what I quickly learned is that people don’t want to be impressed - they want to be helped. And they can’t be helped by me if I go broke trying to be like everyone else.

When I First Started My Business I Was Desperate For New Clients And Would Do Anything For A Double Tap On Instagram

I created a mashup of what my competitors and online mentors were doing, leaving me constantly comparing myself and looking to everyone else to tell me how I should run my business. Even worse, I was spending money way faster than I was making it.

All the gurus said to “delegate” and “outsource” and that “It’s impossible to do everything yourself.” So anytime a problem popped up I threw money at it hoping it would disappear.

I thought I was investing in my business when really I was just playing around on the internet and blowing a ton of cash. It wasn’t until I made a plan that I started to make money. 

The lesson I wish I learned sooner is to have a plan, build a strategy, but then make it fashion.

Here’s The Thing About Plans - They Don't Work Unless You Do.

Money is just energy, but let’s get real — No one wants to waste it.

The magic happens when you execute. That’s why it's so important that you already believe in yourself, that you know your services can change lives, and that you’re ready to work the plan.

When we work together, you’re not investing in me. You’re investing in you.